Turnkey hot rolling mill projects solutions

Turnkey rolling project;

As BMS Bahçeli Makina, we make turnkey rolling mill projects from A to Z. The rolling mills that we manufacture and assemble produce angle iron, NPU, IPE, square, flat plate, round rolling products in any size and desired tone with a capacity from 5 tons to 100 tons per hour.

The services we provide in this context;

Project drawing

All rolling mills manufacturing

Machine assemblies

Concrete plans

Electrical projects

Complete oven

Cooling platform

Commissioning machines

Crane manufacturing

Roof and hall installation

Motor and panels

Automation system

Termex Temkor

Supply of spare materials

Roller caliber opening

Ribbing machine

Hydraulic billet shears

Hydraulic 3000×60 mm sheet cutting guillotine

Iran Profile Sanat Mahan Co IPE, Angle, Npu profile rolling mill

Algeria Massi Nissa Steel

Sudan Highsteel

Russia OOO Metal Steel Company Round

Denizli Izmir Kardemir

Izmir Kocaer

Denizli Okan Rolling Mill

We have dozens of domestic and international references. For more, please get information from us.

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