Bms Bahçeli Makina is Celebrating its 50th Anniversary in the Manufacturing of Rolling Machines

50th years …

When we look back in the rolling mill industry in which we have lived a proud year, we have a long history in this way where we have trained hundreds of machines, thousands of spare parts, complete rolling mill installations, innovations, patented products and many quality personnel. Our reputation has been built with hard labor on quality, trust and customer satisfaction by adhering to our values ​​in all circumstances with our half-century history.
We have believed in change since the first day we were established, and we aim to catch up with change and the era in every field we exist. Our first goal is to open up to the whole world and to make our rolling machines usable in the world. We are continuing and developing R&D studies of our special production Hydraulic Guillotine Shears, our patented Hydraulic Billet Shears, Servo Motor Flying Shears, Reducers, Rolling Feet and all our machines we manufacture.

We aim to increase our efficiency in the market day by day by competing better than our competitors, improving the quality of service and benefits we offer to our customers.

BMS Bahçeli Makine of 50 years has only one constant in its past;

Based on the 50 years of experience of our founder ARİF BAĞÇELİ, we aim to take more confident steps on our way with the respect, tolerance and commitment of BMS Bahçeli Makine employees to each other with determination and sacrifice.

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